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David Guest, co-founder of Life of Dad, along with Marianna Link, Marketing and Sales Associate at Genton Property Group and Lodestar RPS, provoke and torment a Senior Citizen. Prior to the videos below the Senior Citizen arrives home to find kids in his front yard. Maybe 20 other kids are playing baseball in a front yard the size of a postage stamp at David Guest’s house, 1337 N. Pass Ave., Burbank, CA, 91505, which is where these videos were shot.

When the Senior requests that the kids be kept out of his front yard, the man in the plaid shirt barks, “Don’t worry about it”. When the Senior protests that he has a right to feel safe, the man in the plaid shirt begins to record the Senior on his smartphone. The Senior exclaims, “You don’t have my permission to video tape me.” the man in the plaid shirt replies dismissively, “I don’t need your permission.” Only then does the Senior get his camera.

In the video below, Marianna Link confirms she is calling the blameless, innocent Senior a pedophile for no reason other than, in our opinion, sheer meanness and a gang mentality (the 3 of them ganged up on the Senior who was alone). ** Marianna Link was not representing Genton Property Group when these videos were shot.

David M. Guest, a teacher at Ulysses S. Grant High School in Van Nuys, is in the video. The Senior Citizen made a simple request of them. This occurred at 1337 N. Pass Ave., Burbank, CA, 91505.

The man in the plaid shirt, David Guest, and Marianna Link continue the verbal abuse of the Senior. They tell the Senior that the Senior has a bad life. Do note how reasonable the Senior is in his responses compared to the man in the plaid shirt and David Guest. Turn up the volume to hear clearly.

David Guest. Marianna Link, and the man in the plaid shirt accuse the Senior of being a PEDOPHILE, DRINK, and MENTALLY ILL. What kind of mind goes immediately to such base and horrible accusations? What type of person goes on an attack like this? Again, this began when the Senior requested that Life of Dad keep their kids out of the Seniors yard. THERE IS NO TRUTH IN THE ACCUSATIONS. THE SENIOR IS A FINE UPSTANDING CITIZEN. DAVID M. GUEST ONCE CALLED HIM ‘”A REALLY GOOD NEIGHBOR.”

The Senior asked us to publish these videos so that there is an easily accessed record of what the men and women behind Life of Dad are like. We decided to do so because no one gets to make false, ugly accusations in public in an attempt to shame another. Never. Ever.

The Genton Property Group is in no way responsible for this.

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