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The Garden Gates, The Garden Gates Online, The Garden Gates Reviews, The Garden Gates Christmas Trees, The Garden Gates Metairie, and the Garden Gates Online Reviews should be avoided, based on our experience. 


Chad Harris, The Garden Gates, The Garden Gates Online, and Beth Harris, Relish New Orleans, try to get over on a bank.  The bank wasn’t having it.  Neither were the courts.  Chad Harris is the man who hacked into our website and used it to send porn spam for profit.  Chad Harris is a liar and thief, based on our experiences with him. Chad Harris treated us monstrously. We have never been been told the truth by Chad Harris. We have kept every email from him as proof.  Chad Harris has left behind open invoices that he promised by contract, and in writing, to pay. We never received payments.  Now we know why.  He claims that he helps nonprofits.  That’s true.  He turned us into a nonprofit.   You can read more about the attempt Chad and Beth Harris made to default on loans made by Whitney Bank by clicking the link below.

You can read the full brief here.

You can download the complete PDF here. Chad and Beth Harris Default


Don’t be fooled by the positive Shopper Approved ratings that The Garden Gates, The Garden Gates Online, The Garden Gates Reviews. and The Garden Gates Online Reviews post. Customers are prompted/incentivized to give a good review! THE 5 STAR SHOPPER APPROVED REVIEWS OFTEN DO NOT REFLECT THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AFTER BUYING A PRODUCT. CHECK THE ONE, TWO, AND THREE STAR RATINGS FOR CLARITY ABOUT THAT.

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When looking at the positive reviews do notice that they all sound like they were written by the same person. The Garden Gates had a physical store but that went out of business in 2014.  As you can see from the most recent Yelp reviews at the bottom of the page there seemed to be money problems. Is the same pattern repeating itself as reflected in the Facebook reviews which can’t be manipulated?

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Read the reviews of real customers who give their first and last names on Facebook.

Katie Farago, Fort Lauderdale, FL, reviewed The Garden Gates — 1 star – July 31, 2017

I purchased this Garden Table set about 3 months ago. I had been looking for a stone table for my front patio and was very much looking forward to this piece of furniture.

The first set was delivered without an issue. It wasn’t until I hired someone to put it together when i realized there was a flaw table. The metal pipe that holds the table tap to the pedestal did not fit. The company was willing to send me a replacement and I went through the same process again to realize the same or a similar flaw occurred with the second table. Again, the company was willing to send another pedestal to replace the second bad table. However, they were not willing to provide a refund.

After spending hundreds of dollars on assembly between the first I was not willing to accept a 3rd piece of furniture without the promising of assembly. I had already spent too much money trying to get the first two table assembled. These tables are very heavy – I think 1200 lbs for the whole set — so moving them, assembling them, etc cannot be done by one person.

The second table had concrete poured up the side where the flange was supposed to fit and could not be flush with the table top — I was finally able to remove the table top and have the extra cement removed to find out that the same design flaw existed with this table and the flange again did not fit. The company’s willingness to keep sending table after table makes me think they are aware of the design flaw with this table.

3 months after the initial purchase of this table – I am stuck with 2 tables that are not stable and down the cost of the table plus multiple installs

I am very disappointed with the table itself as well as how these events unfolded.

In addition, they also deleted my poor review on their website

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Anna Nonte May, Ruston, LA, reviewed The Garden Gates — 1 star – June 12, 2017

I have never received such poor communication and customer service with a company. I placed an order nine months ago for a fountain. It arrived not once, but twice broken. I have left numerous messages and sent countless emails with no response. Do not order from the garden gates!!!!!

Katie Farago – I had a similar issue with a cement table. 2 broken tables and wanted to send a third. This is a terribly run company.
– Reply · August 9 at 6:16am

Anna Nonte May – I would even take another fountain or at least try again at this point. But they won’t return my calls or respond to emails. I’m just out over $500 and left with two unusable fountians
– Reply · August 9 at 10:55am

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Allison Briede Badon, New Orleans, LA, reviewed The Garden Gates — April 24, 2017

“I had (2) $50 gift cards from the Garden Gate store. Never received any communication in the marketing that stated that gift cards would no longer be accepted once the store closed. Called customer service several times when the cards did not work online. Each time a representative stated that they would look into this and get back with an answer. Not one representative called back. Waited over 2 weeks. Finally, called back for the third time and was told that my gift cards are no longer accepted. Asked if the gift cards could be reduced slightly but this was not allowed either. Guess $100 to a company is more than gaining a customer.”

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Jerry Chinn, Prescott, AZ, reviewed The Garden Gates — March 18, 2017

“I ordered a $430 garden statue from GG’s online store. A few hours later, I found the exact same thing on another website for $100 less. I contacted GG customer service to cancel my order, and was told… “No need, we have a price match guarantee, and will credit you the difference.” Great, I thought. However, after several unreturned emails, phone messages and months later, I have not received any response or “price match” credit. Bad deal, rotten customer service!! I did receive the product I ordered and love it… Wish ​I could​ say the​ same for​ GG.”

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Always look to the most recent reviews and beware reviews like these 2 from their Shopper Approved page –

Lyn R | Submitted 21 Aug 2017

Verified Customer – “Thank you. You make Christmas tree shopping so easy.”
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Judy Young P | Submitted 19 Aug 2017

Verified Customer – “LOVE LOVE my Christmas tress from Garden Gates!! They are THE BEST!”


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** Below are the most recent Yelp reviews.  Click here, Yelp, for more. **

Had Jesse design our outdoor garden plan. Not only did he include too many plants, many plants were high maintenance vs our wishes. Conclusion-We paid a lot of money for something we never used. –  JK L. New Orleans, LA  4/14/2017

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Beware – they charge your card immediately! I am in the middle of my bad experience.  I ordered a table and 2 benches six weeks ago.  They are made by Henri Studio.  $1700 worth of merchandise, which as stated on the website’s fine print, was charged to my card immediately.  Well, not only has the merchandise not shipped, I called today and it won’t for another 4-6.  It’s a custom order, so I understand there can be a delay, but 1) Garden Gates has my money, 2) I had to call to get a status, 3) I can’t cancel the order because it is “In Process”.  In Process for 3 months? Seriously?  I could have ordered this from several other sites that do not have this charge immediately policy and would have if I had realized it at purchase date.  Now that Garden Gate has my $s, they really have no incentive to push to get the merchandise processed/delivered in a timely manner.” – Original review – Tilla J.  Atlanta GA. 4/16/2015

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“I could not believe that it would take this long for my 3 item order so I contacted Henri Studio directly.  My order was on hold pending payment.  Turns out that Garden Gates is holding the money!  Well, I immediately called my bank and disputed the charge. I will be placing the order through another partner company – I can’t directly, since I am an individual.”  –  Updated review Tilla J. Atlanta GA  4/17/2015

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This was the worst experience I have ever had with a vendor. I ordered a Joe Jr. from them which was stated to ship in 5 – 7 days. After two weeks, I gave them a call to inquire about the status of my Joe Jr. to which they told me there were delays getting the Joe Jr.’s from the warehouse. Ok. I understand that. Fast forward more than 2 months after I had ordered the unit and I still did not have my Joe Jr. nor were they able to give me an update on when I would receive it. Mind you, my credit card had been charged and I had not received 1 update the entire time. Every single time they said they would get back to me or call me back, they never did. I finally called and asked them cancel my order. They cancelled my order and decided to refund me the money via Paypal rather than just void the credit card transaction. Not sure why they did this, but when they did PayPal took 3% of the total. I told them about this and said that it was unfair for me to have to pay their credit card processing fee, since I never received the product. This has been the WORST experience I have ever had with a retailer. I would caution anyone with doing business with them. – Uri B. San Francisco 9/16/2014

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“I contracted them to do a first planting on my yard and then maintenance every month. The work was poor and the maintenance (weeding, etc) was shoddy at best. I called them and told them about this and they said they would handle it and it would improve. It DID NOT.  In March 2014 I decided to sever our relationship with them. When their truck pulled up, I told them that I no longer required their services and wanted to terminate my contract with them.  They waved and took off, no words of apology or anything. They never came again. Months later ( it is now August 2014) I’m reviewing my credit card statement and noticed that they have been charging me every month since March and said I had to cancel in writing even though they had not sent anyone to do maintenance since March. I told them I wanted my money back regardless because they had not attempted to send anyone. The twenty something year old manager said he couldn’t give me my money back that the owner would have to decide. I asked him to call the manager. He refuses and was extremely rude.  I got a letter a few days later officially canceling my contract but refusing money back. So, they charged me about $95 a month for six months and dud not even attempt to send anyone.  To me this is fraudulent and criminal. NEVER let these people to maintenance on your yard, and certainly never give these crooks your credit card number!!!!!  I have been working with Perrino’s since and they are wonderful!!!  Garden Gates?  More like Grey Gardens!!” – Wedon B., Metairie, LA, 8/10/2014

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Buyer Beware! I purchased two items and due to confusion waited to purchase more, only to be surprised with a 150% price increase. Poor customer service and communication. Would not recommend if you can find items elsewhere. Also those items are found cheaper elsewhere. – Justin E., Placentia, CA, 3/11/2014

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  • Chad Harris, the husband of Beth Harris, and the man behind The Garden Gates, The Garden Gates Online, The Garden Gates Landscaping, and Relish New Orleans, hacked into 2 websites and used them to send porn spam for profit. You can find out more by clicking here.
  • You can learn more about Beth Harris here, Beth Harris, The Garden Gates, is a scam?
  • You can learn more about Chad Harris, her husband and business partner here, Chad Harris, The Garden Gates, Liar.

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