SolarJoy,, Solar Joy, Bill Wilson scam?

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SolarJoy,, Solar Joy, Bill Wilson scam?

Bill Wilson, founder of, co-founder of AdMediary, along with Augustusmax, advisor for Wayfounder, and President of eDebitPay, is also known as Bill Wilson, Jr. and William Richard Wilson. Bill Wilson co-founded eDebitPay which is known as a scam operation that routinely made unauthorized debits from consumer accounts and was allegedly involved with check forgery. To learn more about the damage eDebitPay has done and the pain it has caused click here, eDebitPay Ripoff.

We received the email below regarding SolarJoy.  We have redacted the name and email address of the person who sent it.  We have saved the email and keep it on file.


“SolarJoy is not a real solar company – within minutes of signing up – I got 5 spam emails for LOANS. Sign-up for solar joy using an email account you never use and see what happens  these are some of the emails I got: – -ironically I got nothing about SOLAR!  All spam for car loans, quick payday loans and Lottery – seriously – sign-up on solarjoy – just dont use an email account you care about.”

August 11, 2015
Informations and Instructions for :
View Eligibility Status
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They will market every offer you can imagine to you, sell your private information to as many companies as will buy it, and you’ll make them rich.

BBB has Winloot located in Northridge, California

To learn more about Winloot, click here.

Note that the one and only Google review of SolarJoy was posted by Bill Wilson.  Click here, SolarJoy Google review.

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You can reach Mr. Wilson at, 323-793-6011. Check out his house located at 953 N Laurel Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. To see it on Zillow, click here.

For pictures of the scoundrels, click here, Find the Fraud

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