Tapstone: Anatomy of a Spam Operation

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Tapstone: Anatomy of a Spam Operation

Jonathan David and Jeff Morgan were spamming while presenting Telic and Tapstone as premier marketing companies.  This is not conjecture. We have email correspondence as proof.  The Tapstone, Tapstone.com, Tapstone Media, Tapstone Holdings, Tapstone Tech spam issues began in 2010 when the company was known as Telic Ventures.

The name of the company is immaterial. If Jonathan David and Jeff Morgan are involved with the operation, then based on public records and documents provided to us, it is in all likelihood, a front, a shell company, a spammer.

We are in possession of email correspondence naming Telic Interactive also known as Tapstone Holdings, LLC, and a partner in San Diego, as spammers.

 Jeff Morgan and Jonathan David tried to create a sheen of respectability. They misrepresented the services of Tapstone and Telic for the purpose of contracting with legitimate agencies and brands even though they knew their junk mail had little or no chance of achieving the business objectives of these agencies and brands.

To see Tapstone listed as Telic Interactive, click here.

To see Telic Interactive listed as a spam operation, click here.

To see Telic on the ROKSO list, click here.

A record of the names Morgan and David spammed under can be found here. You’ll see that Tapstone Holdings is listed.

Tapstone Holdings is Tapston.com and it is Telic Interactive which at one time was known as Telic.com.  Telic.com is now the domain name of a shoe manufacturer, Telic Footwear.

Many of the employees at Telic moved over to Tapstone.com. Their industry relationships, practices, and beliefs stayed the same.

Over the past year we have delineated and exposed the great lengths Jonathan David and  Jeff Morgan will go will go to hide their intentions, and in the case of Jeff Morgan, his identity.  He quickly disappeared online once The Spamhaus Project uncovered evidence that he is a spammer. Even his LinkedIn profile has been removed. He is pictured to the left.

We are in the process of editing the material and correspondence we have gathered, which includes previously undisclosed bombshells, for the purpose of submitting an expose to major publications. We believe that the more the public knows about Telic Interactive, Tapstone, Adaptive Media, and other companies of this quality – the better.

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