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Chad Everett Harris wrote the press release below to make himself look good, in our opinion.   The typos and bad grammar are hallmarks of his writing.  Below we get more specific as to why we think this is more fake news from Chad Everett Harris.


Chad Everett Harris Commended for His Professionalism in Home & Garden Decor

Chad Everett Harris, a man who has helped many people in their choice of furniture, lightings, garden statues, and more, was commended recently for his professionalism in Home & Garden Decor; this is owing to his exploit with “At Home with Beth & Chad.”

— Chad Everett Harris, a man famous for his works in areas like home furniture, lightings, garden statues, and more, has been commended for his professionalism in home and garden decorations; a commendation that resulted from his exploit with “At Home With Beth & Chad.”

At Home with Beth & Chad is an online shop where you can get all home and garden decoration products. The Company is co-owned by Beth Kendall Harris and provides important home and garden information via its news site. Chad is reported to have been in the home and garden decor business for a long time and has gained lots of experience. Recent researches show that it is not just enough to erect a beautiful and luxurious house nowadays; there are other things that make homes stand out.

Homes that are valued high in the market usually come with gardens, landscaping, and many other outdoor designs. Many people are aware of this, but find it difficult figuring out how to go about the best outdoor designs for their homes. Also, they find it difficult getting the necessary decorations that will make their homes stand out. In the words of the Manager of At Home with Beth & Chad, “People know the value of having Home & Garden Decor in their compounds but need experts to help them out. We know this, and position ourselves to help people with not just their interior decoration, but also their gardens and landscaping”. According to him, the company has helped a lot of people by providing the need consultancy services they needed.

The company has continued to provide quality products to its ever-increasing customers all around the globe. On their e-shop, customers can get access to interior decoration products such as wall art, beautiful pillows and throws, outstanding linens, and other materials for beddings. Apart from this product, the company also have for sale outdoor decoration products such as different types of fountain and planters; outdoor chairs, tables, umbrella, sofas, and rugs; and more. The products offered to customers make for a complete Home & Garden Decor, all thanks to the expertise and experience of Chad Everett Harris.

About Chad Everett Harris
Chad Everett Harris is a serial entrepreneur, fitness incubator, and creative marketer who travels around the world, searching for unique home and garden decorations.

About At Home with Beth & Chad
At Home with Beth & Chad is an online shop where you can get different types of Home & Garden Decor products like outdoor tables, chairs, etc. Find out more here >>

Contact Info:
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Organization: AT HOME With BETH AND CHAD
Address: 184 Ashcraft Court,San Diego
Phone: 619-355-1147

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Source: MarketersMedia

Release ID: 88892530


“Chad Everett Harris Commended for His Professionalism in Home & Garden Decor” Who commended him?  Why isn’t the organization commending him named?  Why isn’t there a quote from a representative of that organization?

Would any professional organization issue a press release riddled with bad grammar like the one above?

Isn’t “professionalism” expected?

619-355-1147 belongs to some guy in Imperial, California and the only thing we can find on him is a dormant Twitter account.

There is no 184 Ashcraft Court, San Diego to be found

Most likely more gaslighting from Chad Everett Harris.  There’s a reason they don’t put trailer hitches on Hearses.  None of us is taking anything with us other than the truth of who we are, the way we lived our lives, how we treated others, and whether we made the world a better place for having been in it.



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