Bill Wilson, clickXchange, Admediary Scam

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Bill Wilson, clickXchange, Admediary Scam

Bill Wilson the self proclaimed “”GODFATHER OF ONLINE PERFORMANCE MARKETING” never mentions eDebitPay on his resume because it was a complete scam that hurt numerous people.  He does claim “clickXchange” though as if its a source of pride.  Below is an example of how he has used hundreds of sites and domains to propagate the scams that clog your email, mobile phones, and browsers as he tries to obscure his involvement with the soulless, heavily medicated  underworld known as performance driven marketing. The same type of marketing that caused the FTC to bring down eDebitPay. Bill Wilson tries to paint himself as a family man and a successful business man but his past paints him into a corner reserved for liars and thieves.

    1. Step 1 asks for email address, name & postcode Phishtank ref 
    2. Step 2 – Verification – Visit

      The link to creditscoreprivacy redirects to hxxp:// (affiliate tracking)
      This redirects to hxxp://
      Then hxxp://
      Followed by hxxp://
      Which is owned by (All the other links are for sites with hidden registrants.)
      Following the steps I finally land at hxxp://
      Please do not use any third parties to claim any Welfare Benefits. If you wish to make a claim please contact JobCentre Pus at directgov
      As far as I am aware you do not have to provide a creditscore to claim benefit & I certainly wouldnt trust a site I’ve listed below.

      RE: Income Support Scam – the above mentioned site redirects me to

      To learn more about the recent 2018 FTC allegations that Bill Wilson helped to scam $42MM, click here.

      To learn more click here, Bill Wilson and Dale Paul Cleveland fraud.

      To read all of the nasty details click here, Bill Wilson.

      You can reach Mr. Wilson at, 323-793-6011. Check out his house located at 953 N Laurel Ave, Los Angeles, CA 9004. To see it on Zillow, click here.

      For pictures of the scoundrels, click here, Find the Fraud.

      Direct communications to The Narrator should be made through the contact link at the bottom of this page.

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