Alison G. Morgan and Jeff Morgan live here

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Alison G. Morgan and Jeff Morgan live here


Alison G. Morgan and Jeffrey P. Morgan own this house.  We’ve recently come across some data potentially tying Jeff Morgan to Qayed Shareef, Jim Waltz, Bruce Wiseman, Sal Aziz, Norman Brodeur, and others, in new and fascinating ways.  It has to do with corporations, liabilities, acquisitions, stocks, manipulation, and more.  Activities, we believe, the general public and the Ad Tech community would be interested in.

There’s a reason they don’t put trailer hitches on Hearses.  None of us is taking anything with us other than the truth of who we are, the way we lived our lives, how we treated others, and whether we made the world a better place for having been in it.

The house is located at 2421 Arbutus Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049.

We publish PSA’s based on publicly available information.

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